The Grimas range of prosthetics is vast. Not just noses..

Read on to find out just how to get the best results with this amazing makeup..

Plenty to choose from

The extensive range includes prosthetic noses, chins, ears and other real and imaginary body parts.

Grimas latex prosthetics include false noses, chins, horns and ear tips. They are made from moulded latex. Here I show you how to fit a false nose. You can use the same method to fit any other latex prosthetic, including those you make yourself from latex milk.

Latex prosthetics aren’t glued on all the way round. If they were, they could come loose with face movements. When you examine the prosthetic you will see part of it has a fine, wavy edge. This is the edge that is glued.

As always, clean the skin with Grimas Cleansing lotion. This makes sure the prosthetic sticks properly.

The adhesive used to glue on the prosthetic is Grimas Mastix Extra. It’s a very strong, safe adhesive that resists being loosened by perspiration. I like to add some extra insurance by putting a thin layer of mastix on the skin and allowing it to dry first. This helps as a moisture barrier.  To see where to put it, hold the prosthetic in place and lightly powder around it.  Remove the prosthetic and you can see exactly where the glue line will be.

You will usually need to makeup the prosthetic in the same colours you are using on the rest of the face. It’s easier to do this before it is glued on.  It sometimes helps to stuff some tissue inside while you do this. Don’t make up all the way to the gluing edge.

Paint a coat of mastix along the wavy edge of the prosthetic. Take any tissue out of the prosthetic and press it in place as soon as the mastix becomes tacky.  You can use the rounded end of a sculpting tool to press the edges down, wiping excess glue off the tool with a tissue moistened with mastix remover.  Now you can complete the makeup to blend the prosthetic seamlessly into the face.

To remove the prosthetic, use mastix remover on a brush to loosen it and lift it gently away with the sculpting tool.
Clean the rest of the mastix off the face and the prosthetic with mastix remover.
Remove the rest of the makeup and apply skin care cream where the prosthetic was glued down.

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