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Brand: Kryolan Model: AQCOL30ML03
Red face paint from Kryolan. Covers well using a damp sponge...
Ex Tax:£6.75
Brand: Kryolan Model: EYELINERSEALER15ML
This seals eye brow powder and eyeliner to make it wear and moisture-proof. For sealing eyebrow powder, use it on a brush over the applied powder. To seal pressed powder or cake eyeliner, take some of the powder and apply it with a fine brush moistened with sealer. Alternativley, put the eye liner..
Ex Tax:£8.90
Old fashioned block mascara with brush and case..
Ex Tax:£18.00
Brand: Kryolan Model: SUPCOLPAL06S
Cream makeup palette from Kryolan with a useful range colours for contouring and blusher. Fix it with transparent powder or coloured powder...
Ex Tax:£15.95
Brand: Kryolan Model: WHEELBLACKEYES
All the essential colours for a realistic black eye of any age from recently caused to full bloom and evetual fade. The colours are Dark Green, Crimson lake and black eye shades 1, 2, 3 and 4...
Ex Tax:£14.40
Brand: Kryolan Model: WHEELBRUISE
The famous bruise wheel contains Kryolan cream makeup colours for bruises of all kinds. The colours in the wheel are biege, purple, yellow, green, lilac and bruise 3..
Ex Tax:£14.40
Brand: Kryolan Model: WHEELBURNINJURY
A perfect combination of colours for special effect burns and injuries. This Kryolan burn and injury wheel has six colours 071, 073, 079, 081, crimson lake and red stipple...
Ex Tax:£14.40
Brand: Kryolan Model: WHEELZOMBIE
This zombie colour wheel contains Kryolan cream makeup colours for zombie makeup The colours are: 070, 522, 099, 096, 101 and G83..
Ex Tax:£14.40
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