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Makeup tidiers

Makeup tidiers

Grimas makeup tidiers are a system of plastic clip together components to keep your makeup together. There are types for every size of Grimas makeup container.

The empty palettes can be used to make your own custom makeup palettes.

Clean your makeup tidiers with warm water and washing-up liquid. They are not dishwasher-safe.

Brand: Grimas Model: GRIMPACKA04TRANS
This container wil take any four Grimas 15ml or 2.5ml colours...
Ex Tax:£1.00
Brand: Grimas Model: GRIMPACKA06TRANS
This clear plastic makeup tidier will hold six 15ml or 2.5ml size makeup containers. Use it to make your own palettes...
Ex Tax:£0.95
Brand: Grimas Model: GRIMPACKA12
Makes a cover for your custom 12 colour palette..
Ex Tax:£1.50
Brand: Grimas Model: GRIMPACKA12TRANS
This transparent plastic palette will take any twelve Grimas 15ml or 2.5ml colours...
Ex Tax:£1.50
Brand: Grimas Model: GRIMPACKC1
This adaptor will fit a 25ml face paint or 35g cake container. It attaches to any Grimas palette...
Ex Tax:£0.60
Brand: Grimas Model: GRIMPACKC2
This container C2 will fit a Grimas 60ml cream or water makeup. It attaches to any Grimas palette...
Ex Tax:£0.80
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