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Stage and media makeup

Stage and media makeup

Buy stage makeup from Showmakeup here.

Theatrical productions, dance shows and ballet all need professional stage makeup. This specialised makeup will cope with the extreme lighting conditions and the stress of performance.

Stage makeup is to help you look good to your audience.  It's different from ordinary makeup in one crucial way. You are under bright lights and they are in the dark. Stage makeup fixes that problem. It has stronger and deeper colours that don’t wash out under bright light. This is why stage colours can look a bit odd in ordinary light. Don't worry, they will look perfect under stage lighting.

If you are new to stage makeup, try one of our beginners kits. It will contain the right colours for your skin type and be cheaper than buying the makeup separately. We have group makeup kits too, so dance and drama societies and makeup artists can save some money too

Media makeup

Even with modern digital equipment for photo shoots and films, the full colour and detail that the naked eye can see is not as obvious in the raw images taken by a video or stills camera. It is important to exaggerate the makeup a little by using bolder colours and stronger contouring than you would for real life. Unlike stage work, the colours themselves are not greatly altered.  If the makeup looks good in daylight then it will work in the resulting images.

It is important to avoid shine too, except perhaps on the lips.  The skin needs to be perfectly matt and Grimas cake makeup and Grimas liquid foundation are ideal bases for media work.

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